Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm falling .....

Falling into you –

Unendingly, completely, irrevocably!

All my senses alive with sensations,

So totally into you, immersed deeply!

Everything is the same,

Only I seem to have changed!

The picture in life’s frame –

Me from myself estranged!

Life so unalterably different –

And why, pray tell, would I want,

To let the past return and haunt!

The feeling divine –

And me so reverent!

So enticing, so magical, so enthralling -

This delicate crystalline web,

With twinkling stars adorning!

What a pleasure and utterly a blessing;

That I have you with me every step!

The brilliant sun seems to be,

Shining brightly just for me!

The sparkling moon, the shimmery waters;

Your dancing eyes and my heart is captured!

The whole universe together tells me –

You’re the one!

You’ve entered into my world, so boldly;

And today –

Life has begun!


One look is all I ever craved –

One smile for which I slaved –

For every touch – a sensation saved!

And for destruction the way, I paved!

One word of love was all I wanted;

One hitched breath – ah! Never granted!

For a lone desire – so many seeds planted!

Your name on my soul, in fire branded!

For acceptance, my soul I would have sold!

This existence is now so hard to hold!

The album of my life with stories untold –

And your name, my love, stored forever in gold!

Once more ....

The fragrance of those thoughts still there with me,

The intensity of that glance still pierces my being!

The satin of that touch still makes me breathless!

The stars, the flowers, the dew drops and eternity!

The turbulent waves – the feelings my heart carries!

The overcast skies of thoughts - the soul wearies!

My evergreen wish to have you by my side forever –

Oblivious to all hurts and grief, the scars it buries!

Come let’s dance on the shiny twinkly floor -

I don’t know what the future has in store!

All I want is your everlasting never ending love -

Come - let me live in the dream once more!