Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Come lets fall in love again -

Very hesitantly and gently,

The hand was extended –

Very gingerly and thoughtfully,

The other hand accepted!

Eyes on a quest, searching, seeking –

Waiting for the lips to do the speaking!

Where are we going to go from here?

The grip of logic, already weakening!

The sparkling crystalline film slowly drying up!

The promises of not letting another pearl drop!

The holding hands draw the bodies closer-

The feelings, thoughts and emotions on top!

The smiles return – replace the pain!

The fight forgotten …. Just an old stain!

The call of the heart to strong to be ignored-

Come … come lets fall in love again!

Friday, 18 April 2008

The Crescent Moon in Me

I wait for you,

Yes, I wait for you today,

Like that crescent moon;

To make my spirit whole, I pray!

Half I am without you!

My senses fully dormant!

My life moving without a clue!

I feel defenseless – a little infant!!

And then again I look

At the glowing crescent moon-

Isn’t it incomplete only to the human view,

Isn’t it actually complete and whole?

Latent and invisible like the soul!!

My spirit so rests –

Completely at ease!

Though emotions crest!

My heart is at peace!!

I can’t see you physically,

But the presence of your love

Carries and continuously supports me !!

Incomplete, half, lacking and wanting!

The visions blurring, the memories haunting!

But why I wonder should I feel that way!

Your faith and support is with me to stay!

Your love is elixir to my fading and pining soul!

Latent and quiescent – it makes me whole!

A blessing! A prayer answered! A boon!

The invisible half of my crescent moon!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

All for Love!

You mean the world and more to me –
And it seems strange when you don’t see;
My distress, my pain, my sorrow, my insecurities,
My anger, my shadows, my hopes and my impurities!

Distress for all the things that I wish could have been,
No commitments yet I behaved as if they were unseen!
Pain – though I knew it would happen and have no one to blame -
Its true – its real – its horrible - and existing all the same!

Sorrow - for everything imagined and that is not,
For so much given and so much invested that is lost.
Insecurities about where I went wrong and what else could I have given,
Wondering what you really wanted and by what you were driven.

Anger at my helplessness and lack of strength,
Knowing to keep you I may go to any length.
Shadows of the past when I had you close, had you with me,
Memories of time when I had to let you go - set you free.

Hopes that lie shattered on the floor of my bruised and faithful heart,
I still haven’t found the strength to gather them - a place to start.
Impurities within me that make me want you in spite of !!
Am I so selfish – to know – and even then – despite of ?!

All I can say is love knows no bounds, no territories, no limit,
It knows no terror, no command and is governed by the Spirit!
And for all who fall in love there is no rule or regulation!
Its an instinct they follow – a faith – a religion !
So I ask forgiveness for all wrong I do and hope He may absolve!
It may be wrong in the eyes of the world but for me its all for love!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Like trees, withered and bare, in autumn –

I stand, expectant - arms wide open!

Waiting for when spring it’ll be,

The time when you’ll come back to me!

Like land, cracked and dry, in summer-

I wait, my lips parched and soul thirsty!

For the rains to come, and moist air –

To quench the yearning of a heart feisty!

The various Seasons - existence spiced ,

Happiness, tears, smiles and strife!

Waiting – lulled, paused and poised,

For you to thaw the winter in my life!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the wind …

Yes there are, of course!

I hear your voice calling –

I feel my tears falling!

Then they gently console!

Bring back to me the calm you stole!!

The whispers in the wind –

Sure they exist – for me they do!

They never let the silence brew,

Make me wish somehow I knew –

The secret path that would lead to you!!

Wipe my tears and keep my fears at bay –

Whispers in the wind – my solace when you’re away!

I stand near the ocean, my feet bare!

The little waves tickle my toes –

The stars twinkle and their lights show!

Whispers in the wind? Yes they’re there

Enfold and surround me; and tell me you care!

When I’m lonely we play this game –

To me they lovingly bring your name!

Whispers in the wind –

Wake me up to a beautiful morn!

In sparkles the world is adorned!

My heart of grief and sorrow shorn!

A bud of faith again is born!!

My soul with happiness and hope abloom –

Whispers in the wind –

They tell me you’ll be home soon!!!