Friday, 18 April 2008

The Crescent Moon in Me

I wait for you,

Yes, I wait for you today,

Like that crescent moon;

To make my spirit whole, I pray!

Half I am without you!

My senses fully dormant!

My life moving without a clue!

I feel defenseless – a little infant!!

And then again I look

At the glowing crescent moon-

Isn’t it incomplete only to the human view,

Isn’t it actually complete and whole?

Latent and invisible like the soul!!

My spirit so rests –

Completely at ease!

Though emotions crest!

My heart is at peace!!

I can’t see you physically,

But the presence of your love

Carries and continuously supports me !!

Incomplete, half, lacking and wanting!

The visions blurring, the memories haunting!

But why I wonder should I feel that way!

Your faith and support is with me to stay!

Your love is elixir to my fading and pining soul!

Latent and quiescent – it makes me whole!

A blessing! A prayer answered! A boon!

The invisible half of my crescent moon!!!

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