Thursday, 17 April 2008

All for Love!

You mean the world and more to me –
And it seems strange when you don’t see;
My distress, my pain, my sorrow, my insecurities,
My anger, my shadows, my hopes and my impurities!

Distress for all the things that I wish could have been,
No commitments yet I behaved as if they were unseen!
Pain – though I knew it would happen and have no one to blame -
Its true – its real – its horrible - and existing all the same!

Sorrow - for everything imagined and that is not,
For so much given and so much invested that is lost.
Insecurities about where I went wrong and what else could I have given,
Wondering what you really wanted and by what you were driven.

Anger at my helplessness and lack of strength,
Knowing to keep you I may go to any length.
Shadows of the past when I had you close, had you with me,
Memories of time when I had to let you go - set you free.

Hopes that lie shattered on the floor of my bruised and faithful heart,
I still haven’t found the strength to gather them - a place to start.
Impurities within me that make me want you in spite of !!
Am I so selfish – to know – and even then – despite of ?!

All I can say is love knows no bounds, no territories, no limit,
It knows no terror, no command and is governed by the Spirit!
And for all who fall in love there is no rule or regulation!
Its an instinct they follow – a faith – a religion !
So I ask forgiveness for all wrong I do and hope He may absolve!
It may be wrong in the eyes of the world but for me its all for love!!!

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