Thursday, 10 April 2008

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the wind …

Yes there are, of course!

I hear your voice calling –

I feel my tears falling!

Then they gently console!

Bring back to me the calm you stole!!

The whispers in the wind –

Sure they exist – for me they do!

They never let the silence brew,

Make me wish somehow I knew –

The secret path that would lead to you!!

Wipe my tears and keep my fears at bay –

Whispers in the wind – my solace when you’re away!

I stand near the ocean, my feet bare!

The little waves tickle my toes –

The stars twinkle and their lights show!

Whispers in the wind? Yes they’re there

Enfold and surround me; and tell me you care!

When I’m lonely we play this game –

To me they lovingly bring your name!

Whispers in the wind –

Wake me up to a beautiful morn!

In sparkles the world is adorned!

My heart of grief and sorrow shorn!

A bud of faith again is born!!

My soul with happiness and hope abloom –

Whispers in the wind –

They tell me you’ll be home soon!!!

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