Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Has life shrunk so soon? Seasons changing from spring to autumn!
Some pictures etched on my heart and some forgotten!
In a blink of an eye - an eternity .... in the winds all moments blown!
Each memory has a different hue! How ... oh how time has flown!

These special moments I’ve cherished and prized –
On my heart’s window they are poised.
Will I let them fly and add, to my heart, another stone,
Or should I hold on to them, so I’m never alone!

Opened a box today .... of forgotten smiles,
Of broken hearts and separating miles –
Of coffee warm kisses and cinnamon flavours,
The colours and textures, my heart still savours!

Of honey warm dreams kept on hold –
Of red fiery tastes – entrancing and bold!
Of captivating enchantment and violet vivaciousness,
Of soft soothing sunlight and a pocket full of happiness!

My tree now sees autumn – the yellow, red, russet and brown –
My memories, my treasure, my legacy, my crown!
Sunny rays stream cleansing my soul and moments grieved -
I look at a heart full of soft memories and a life well lived!

Friday, 13 March 2009

I see differences, distance - cracks … shards -

I see shadows of broken hearts!

The wintry icy silence settling in –

Frozen, glassy, cold and shivering –

Feelings in pieces, and we pull apart!

I stumble ! What was it that broke my run

Wonder if I dare to see ….

Dreading the sight of what it could be;

I look down and find all the promises undone by me!

Feeling guilty and remorseful …. And so I burn!

I want to reach out and pull you close,

But why don’t I see my arms move?

My heart knows there is something to prove!

I cry inside but my eyes are frozen cold!

Hoping tears melt this ice and forgive things told!

I turn, I see you, still standing there –

I know you’re strong, mine, but so far away!

Did I bring to ‘Us’, so much distrust and fear?

I see your eyes – tortured, sorrowful, yet clear –

And my eyes let go, of what it held tight, a lone tear!

Your promises and words come to me –

I run back to you …. How can I leave?

I hesitantly touch your hand –

And there in your response, lives my dream!

In your eyes with pain, everlasting love is what I see!

In life and death we will part, and future births we cannot perceive,

But here and now I promise love and trust, and they shall last till eternity!

Every time those icy winters descend on us and make us bleed,

Your strength and support are my anchor, your touch my one reality -

I have full faith in your love and the healing magic it can weave!

Special thanks to Abhishek Dixit, who very kindly let me use this beautiful snap for the poem! Thanks, Abhishek! :)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm falling .....

Falling into you –

Unendingly, completely, irrevocably!

All my senses alive with sensations,

So totally into you, immersed deeply!

Everything is the same,

Only I seem to have changed!

The picture in life’s frame –

Me from myself estranged!

Life so unalterably different –

And why, pray tell, would I want,

To let the past return and haunt!

The feeling divine –

And me so reverent!

So enticing, so magical, so enthralling -

This delicate crystalline web,

With twinkling stars adorning!

What a pleasure and utterly a blessing;

That I have you with me every step!

The brilliant sun seems to be,

Shining brightly just for me!

The sparkling moon, the shimmery waters;

Your dancing eyes and my heart is captured!

The whole universe together tells me –

You’re the one!

You’ve entered into my world, so boldly;

And today –

Life has begun!


One look is all I ever craved –

One smile for which I slaved –

For every touch – a sensation saved!

And for destruction the way, I paved!

One word of love was all I wanted;

One hitched breath – ah! Never granted!

For a lone desire – so many seeds planted!

Your name on my soul, in fire branded!

For acceptance, my soul I would have sold!

This existence is now so hard to hold!

The album of my life with stories untold –

And your name, my love, stored forever in gold!

Once more ....

The fragrance of those thoughts still there with me,

The intensity of that glance still pierces my being!

The satin of that touch still makes me breathless!

The stars, the flowers, the dew drops and eternity!

The turbulent waves – the feelings my heart carries!

The overcast skies of thoughts - the soul wearies!

My evergreen wish to have you by my side forever –

Oblivious to all hurts and grief, the scars it buries!

Come let’s dance on the shiny twinkly floor -

I don’t know what the future has in store!

All I want is your everlasting never ending love -

Come - let me live in the dream once more!

Friday, 23 May 2008

All because of You

You wake me to myself,

You tell me what is in me,

In shades so subtle and gentle –

You paint my soul and set me free!

You bring my ‘self’ to life,

You set my heart on fire!

Warming it, melting it – a sensation sliver!

The glowing feeling, the warmth and the desire!

You drown in my eyes,

You search for the pearls,

I look into your eyes and I fly,

My being ecstatic – feelings unfurl!

You take my hand, so tenderly,

I feel free – your sweetness surrounds!

Your life with mine intertwined,

Full of colours and smiles, brightness abounds!

My eyes wide open – totally accepting life –

My soul - doors ajar – welcoming.

My heart ablaze with feelings anew!

Flowers prettier, grass greener, sky – a brighter blue!

Every hue defined, all shades so true –

Even more beautiful – the painting of my life;

Me – content and replete – totally complete …..

Gratefully yours – all because of You!

In Your Sleep ....

In your sleep –

Do you think of us?

Of our unending desires,

Often budding happiness,

Of our unrestricted trust!

In your dreams –

Do you still turn to me?

Knowing that in all miseries –

One hand shall,

Always, extended be!

My heart all yours,

Till the time should freeze!

In your reality –

Do you and I exist?

Or is ‘we’ the only entity?

The eternity for which we wished –

The I, I see in you; the you, you see in me!

For me, my reality has changed,

To a true life, in a beautiful dream,

And I wish I have on my face –

Your wonderful smile,

Tonight, when I go to sleep!