Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Has life shrunk so soon? Seasons changing from spring to autumn!
Some pictures etched on my heart and some forgotten!
In a blink of an eye - an eternity .... in the winds all moments blown!
Each memory has a different hue! How ... oh how time has flown!

These special moments I’ve cherished and prized –
On my heart’s window they are poised.
Will I let them fly and add, to my heart, another stone,
Or should I hold on to them, so I’m never alone!

Opened a box today .... of forgotten smiles,
Of broken hearts and separating miles –
Of coffee warm kisses and cinnamon flavours,
The colours and textures, my heart still savours!

Of honey warm dreams kept on hold –
Of red fiery tastes – entrancing and bold!
Of captivating enchantment and violet vivaciousness,
Of soft soothing sunlight and a pocket full of happiness!

My tree now sees autumn – the yellow, red, russet and brown –
My memories, my treasure, my legacy, my crown!
Sunny rays stream cleansing my soul and moments grieved -
I look at a heart full of soft memories and a life well lived!

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ranju said...

lovely poem, sonal!!!