Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm falling .....

Falling into you –

Unendingly, completely, irrevocably!

All my senses alive with sensations,

So totally into you, immersed deeply!

Everything is the same,

Only I seem to have changed!

The picture in life’s frame –

Me from myself estranged!

Life so unalterably different –

And why, pray tell, would I want,

To let the past return and haunt!

The feeling divine –

And me so reverent!

So enticing, so magical, so enthralling -

This delicate crystalline web,

With twinkling stars adorning!

What a pleasure and utterly a blessing;

That I have you with me every step!

The brilliant sun seems to be,

Shining brightly just for me!

The sparkling moon, the shimmery waters;

Your dancing eyes and my heart is captured!

The whole universe together tells me –

You’re the one!

You’ve entered into my world, so boldly;

And today –

Life has begun!


One look is all I ever craved –

One smile for which I slaved –

For every touch – a sensation saved!

And for destruction the way, I paved!

One word of love was all I wanted;

One hitched breath – ah! Never granted!

For a lone desire – so many seeds planted!

Your name on my soul, in fire branded!

For acceptance, my soul I would have sold!

This existence is now so hard to hold!

The album of my life with stories untold –

And your name, my love, stored forever in gold!

Once more ....

The fragrance of those thoughts still there with me,

The intensity of that glance still pierces my being!

The satin of that touch still makes me breathless!

The stars, the flowers, the dew drops and eternity!

The turbulent waves – the feelings my heart carries!

The overcast skies of thoughts - the soul wearies!

My evergreen wish to have you by my side forever –

Oblivious to all hurts and grief, the scars it buries!

Come let’s dance on the shiny twinkly floor -

I don’t know what the future has in store!

All I want is your everlasting never ending love -

Come - let me live in the dream once more!

Friday, 23 May 2008

All because of You

You wake me to myself,

You tell me what is in me,

In shades so subtle and gentle –

You paint my soul and set me free!

You bring my ‘self’ to life,

You set my heart on fire!

Warming it, melting it – a sensation sliver!

The glowing feeling, the warmth and the desire!

You drown in my eyes,

You search for the pearls,

I look into your eyes and I fly,

My being ecstatic – feelings unfurl!

You take my hand, so tenderly,

I feel free – your sweetness surrounds!

Your life with mine intertwined,

Full of colours and smiles, brightness abounds!

My eyes wide open – totally accepting life –

My soul - doors ajar – welcoming.

My heart ablaze with feelings anew!

Flowers prettier, grass greener, sky – a brighter blue!

Every hue defined, all shades so true –

Even more beautiful – the painting of my life;

Me – content and replete – totally complete …..

Gratefully yours – all because of You!

In Your Sleep ....

In your sleep –

Do you think of us?

Of our unending desires,

Often budding happiness,

Of our unrestricted trust!

In your dreams –

Do you still turn to me?

Knowing that in all miseries –

One hand shall,

Always, extended be!

My heart all yours,

Till the time should freeze!

In your reality –

Do you and I exist?

Or is ‘we’ the only entity?

The eternity for which we wished –

The I, I see in you; the you, you see in me!

For me, my reality has changed,

To a true life, in a beautiful dream,

And I wish I have on my face –

Your wonderful smile,

Tonight, when I go to sleep!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Spring Inside

Wreathed in smile, I wait for you!

Adorned in a look my feelings true!

Beautified in an expression –

My undying love shines through!

The first dew drop that falls from the skies,

Touches the petals so softly … oh so slight!

The delicate and whispery caress –

The memory of the dreams in your eyes!

The stars sparkling, shining and glowing,

How well they reflect my longing!

The night so soft, gentle and balmy,

Your warmth and love ensconce me!

I see you … I see me …

I see us and eternity!

Let darkness come with the night –

There is everlasting spring - inside!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Come lets fall in love again -

Very hesitantly and gently,

The hand was extended –

Very gingerly and thoughtfully,

The other hand accepted!

Eyes on a quest, searching, seeking –

Waiting for the lips to do the speaking!

Where are we going to go from here?

The grip of logic, already weakening!

The sparkling crystalline film slowly drying up!

The promises of not letting another pearl drop!

The holding hands draw the bodies closer-

The feelings, thoughts and emotions on top!

The smiles return – replace the pain!

The fight forgotten …. Just an old stain!

The call of the heart to strong to be ignored-

Come … come lets fall in love again!

Friday, 18 April 2008

The Crescent Moon in Me

I wait for you,

Yes, I wait for you today,

Like that crescent moon;

To make my spirit whole, I pray!

Half I am without you!

My senses fully dormant!

My life moving without a clue!

I feel defenseless – a little infant!!

And then again I look

At the glowing crescent moon-

Isn’t it incomplete only to the human view,

Isn’t it actually complete and whole?

Latent and invisible like the soul!!

My spirit so rests –

Completely at ease!

Though emotions crest!

My heart is at peace!!

I can’t see you physically,

But the presence of your love

Carries and continuously supports me !!

Incomplete, half, lacking and wanting!

The visions blurring, the memories haunting!

But why I wonder should I feel that way!

Your faith and support is with me to stay!

Your love is elixir to my fading and pining soul!

Latent and quiescent – it makes me whole!

A blessing! A prayer answered! A boon!

The invisible half of my crescent moon!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

All for Love!

You mean the world and more to me –
And it seems strange when you don’t see;
My distress, my pain, my sorrow, my insecurities,
My anger, my shadows, my hopes and my impurities!

Distress for all the things that I wish could have been,
No commitments yet I behaved as if they were unseen!
Pain – though I knew it would happen and have no one to blame -
Its true – its real – its horrible - and existing all the same!

Sorrow - for everything imagined and that is not,
For so much given and so much invested that is lost.
Insecurities about where I went wrong and what else could I have given,
Wondering what you really wanted and by what you were driven.

Anger at my helplessness and lack of strength,
Knowing to keep you I may go to any length.
Shadows of the past when I had you close, had you with me,
Memories of time when I had to let you go - set you free.

Hopes that lie shattered on the floor of my bruised and faithful heart,
I still haven’t found the strength to gather them - a place to start.
Impurities within me that make me want you in spite of !!
Am I so selfish – to know – and even then – despite of ?!

All I can say is love knows no bounds, no territories, no limit,
It knows no terror, no command and is governed by the Spirit!
And for all who fall in love there is no rule or regulation!
Its an instinct they follow – a faith – a religion !
So I ask forgiveness for all wrong I do and hope He may absolve!
It may be wrong in the eyes of the world but for me its all for love!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Like trees, withered and bare, in autumn –

I stand, expectant - arms wide open!

Waiting for when spring it’ll be,

The time when you’ll come back to me!

Like land, cracked and dry, in summer-

I wait, my lips parched and soul thirsty!

For the rains to come, and moist air –

To quench the yearning of a heart feisty!

The various Seasons - existence spiced ,

Happiness, tears, smiles and strife!

Waiting – lulled, paused and poised,

For you to thaw the winter in my life!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the wind …

Yes there are, of course!

I hear your voice calling –

I feel my tears falling!

Then they gently console!

Bring back to me the calm you stole!!

The whispers in the wind –

Sure they exist – for me they do!

They never let the silence brew,

Make me wish somehow I knew –

The secret path that would lead to you!!

Wipe my tears and keep my fears at bay –

Whispers in the wind – my solace when you’re away!

I stand near the ocean, my feet bare!

The little waves tickle my toes –

The stars twinkle and their lights show!

Whispers in the wind? Yes they’re there

Enfold and surround me; and tell me you care!

When I’m lonely we play this game –

To me they lovingly bring your name!

Whispers in the wind –

Wake me up to a beautiful morn!

In sparkles the world is adorned!

My heart of grief and sorrow shorn!

A bud of faith again is born!!

My soul with happiness and hope abloom –

Whispers in the wind –

They tell me you’ll be home soon!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My Brilliant Butterfly

Those shimmering wings unfurl,

You are now ready to fly!

So confident, so fearless, so sure …

And I’m rooted with sudden fear,

As you waltz towards the door!

My mind takes a journey, back,

To that wonderful Wednesday,

When the beautiful angel called you,

Was sent to us – the answer to our prayer!

The beautiful eyes, so full of trust,

The tiny hand, curled around my finger!

The dainty feet, that kicked with energy bursts!

The sunshiny unrestrained smile,

That always made me want to linger!

Still remember your first day of school,

How you didn’t want to let my hand go!

You kept peeking out the window –

To see if I was still there – thus reassured!

The dolls, the friends, the hurts, the joys,

The sharing of troubles, the growing out of toys!

Oh! The painful and awkward phases –

The brilliant butterfly finally emerging from the chrysalis!

We stand, the parents proud, today,

Happy, tearful, anxious, yet sure -

Our vibrant and lively butterfly –

Is ready to face the world and find her way!

My hand is doing the clinging now –

Like that little hand, on that long gone day!

You’re my little girl, though all grown

A mother’s heart wants you to stay!

This radiant beauty standing here –

Dazzling with her radiant smile –

Just waiting to fly and test her wings,

Will always be, at least for me

The little girl that held my hand –

Who needed me for everything!

Go! My magnificent butterfly –

Go out there and rule the world!

But if ever there’s loneliness inside –

And you need love and a hand to hold,

Come home and shed those precious pretty pearls –

For, to a mother’s heart you’ll always be a little girl!

Can I be ....

You see, I want to be,

The pretty flower that dances in the breeze –

That catches your eye and makes you smile,

When the day is dark; the walk, long and wearying!

The smile that is alive … without guile!

The bright and shiny ray of the sun,

That touches you and warms you!

When you’re feeling chilled and cold –

Surrounds you and in a hug enfolds!

The sparkling and the glittering star,

That twinkles and winks from the sky,

Inspiring, even in the deepest darkest night –

There is a light at the end … even though a little far!

The naughty breeze that ruffles your hair,

Teasing you, playing and enjoying with you,

The lighter times, the softer hues!

Relaxing and restful – free from the day’s cares!!

The rain drops that tenderly wash your face,

Wash away the pains, toil and strain!

The soft and gentle snowflakes –

That impress, with pristine beauty attained!

The breathtaking and beautiful view,

The rosy pink and misty dawn –

That brings a promise of a beautiful morn!

The feeling of awe and splendour imbue!

I want to be all that and more for you,

To show – how in your love, I grew -

I wonder if I will ever be able to return-

A wee bit portion of what I have received from you!

Personal Wasteland That Was

A personal wasteland!! Once upon a time ,

Was this beating heart of mine –

A black, unseeing, isolated, barren place,

Just shadows; of illumination, no trace!!

You walked into my life – amazing brilliance,

Though no starburst, no fire crackers, no silver dust!

You entered into my heart,

Asking for nothing – just complete trust!

Memories float around,

Smiles – in the love, new found!!

The shiny place where the hearts visit –

Became our common visiting ground!

My hand in yours,

My fate to yours joined!

My life now yours to call,

Your love to cushion my every fall!

The lush green of emotions that you see,

The total filling of that terrible void -

Its you who filled sparkle in my gloomy world!!

Turning blunt metal to solid gold!!

The Midas touch …. The magic of the clover leaf –

My grief, darkness removed, you’re the sun,

The moon in the darkest night – you’re the one!

The heart, resplendent, filled with love, all unplanned!

Thanks for bringing life to my personal wasteland!!!

Its We -

Felt the warm fingers of the sun,

Play on my face – whispering and caressing,

With a special smile, to you, I turn,

Opening my eyes, to see my dream with open eyes!!

I see you and my heart, oh my heart, it soars high!

You enfold me in your warm embrace,

The worries and troubles just seem to fade!

The love that sparkles and shines on your face,

The total trust in your deep, piercing and profound gaze,

Looks into my soul - makes doubts vanish to some unknown place!

I shut my eyes again and I gather all my happiness,

I smile a special smile to myself and thank all the powers that be!

I wonder if it’s possible to be any happier or feel more serenity!!

Am replete in the shimmering flood of feelings you give me –

Every time you remind me that it’s not you and I …. Its ‘We’!!!


Life flipped today to a page,

Long lost in the album of life,

Has it really been an age?

Where have all the years taken flight?

Wasn’t too long back when ..

We held hands and hugged the other tight –

Wasn’t too long when love’s sun,

Had shone on us with its brilliant light!!

And then the clouds of reality came,

Gone was the sparkle ; gone the glisten!

The heart felt the searing hot pain,

The eyes rained tears – all in vain!

Today again you walked into my life,

And strange it seemed to see you here!!

All the feelings my heart tried to compile,

Was it confusion or was it fear?

Then I looked at my life today,

And it was like the mist cleared!

My love, my life, my way was here,

Right beside me for all these years!!

True love is he, I know for sure,

He stood by me when no one would!

He held my hand and reality we endured!

He’s my today and solid he stood!!

Looked back to the page life had reopened,

A sad smile was all I could offer as a token!

And my eyes and heart sought the special smile,

That was true and my very life!

I knew not how much more,

It could get scarier and crazier,

All I felt - that the love that was, at last,

Had found peaceful euthanasia!

My Treasure -

A knowing smile is reflected in my eyes,

I’m thinking of you and all our times,

The beauty of those times is a joy forever –

A pleasure, a gift, a blessing and a treasure!!

With you I dance this ethereal dance,

With you my heart leaps and prances,

I live each day for that one single glance –

I soak all your smallest nuances!!!

My being so full of your love and you –

My soul brimming and overflowing –

We didn’t realise ….. did we?

How our love abound and grew!!

Of azure blue skies and shiny stars –

Of exchanging secrets, those endless hours,

Of twinkling eyes and holding hands,

Of love’s interwoven gold and silver strands!!

For all the things you gave to me,

For all the dreams that you helped me achieve!

For all the times you’ve stood besides,

For all the love and all the pride,

Thank you for always being there to guide!!

How is it that I forget to tell you everyday

How much I love you and how much you mean –

So let me make amends today and come clean –

Let me tell you that I am alive because of your smiling ways –

And you are what I need till the end of my days!

Stand by me and hold my hand

You don’t always have to understand me –
You don’t always have to wipe my tears –
You don’t always have to talk of trust, my dear –
Sometimes I just want to feel your warmth near!!

You don’t always have to bring me flowers –
You don’t have to capture towers –
You don’t always have to come bearing gifts –
Sometimes my heart just wants a loving lift!!

You don’t always have to keep a smiling face –
You don’t always have to wipe all sorrow’s traces –
You don’t always have to be the stronger one –
Sometimes I want to tie the bow for you with love’s laces!!

Why do you always have to be so perfect ..
Why can’t you be like me at times and fret!
Why can’t we be brave and face threats together ….
Do you think I’m as fluffy as a feather?

You don’t have to fight my battles for me –
You don’t have to slay any dragons and set me free -
You don’t have to be The Mr. Right –
You just have to be right for me!

What , my love, I’m trying to say,
In my roundabout and twisted way -
Is only that -
For me to feel perfect, beautiful, loved and grand -
All you have to do is ….
Stand by me and hold my hand!!

Immortal Ocean

Life ... so like a river - it begins with gurgles and delight
Moves along growing, changing and collecting -
Some memories .... some people ... on its onward plight ...
Some lives ... some dreams ..... with its flow effecting!!!

On and on it flows – the river, rumbling and splashing,
Along the path it collects debris … some weeds …
We collect memories and ….. some greeds.
Some times its serene sometimes troubled waters show,
So akin to life is the continuous and senseless flow.

At times a waterfall … it falls but doesn’t break –
Those risks and chances are what we take ….
We can’t break … we have to go on … –
We learn from our mistakes …
As to the ocean we make our way!!

Finally the river meets the ocean …
The journey over - the final destination!!
Our soul reaches its ocean .. Our life a mere token –
So many souls in his keeping …..
He keeps us safe …. Our immortal ocean!!

Visited Grounds

You know we’ve been here before –
You and I - in such a time … in this place …
Me – trying to make you focus on what I say –
But you just turn away your face!!!

No, ofcourse not ! Not for a minute do I doubt your love –
I know you love me endlessly …
Why else would I be here today ….
With promises of forever and eternity!!!

But now and again we visit this place –
Where I need to know –
And you – You blank out without a trace …
And I can't ever make up my mind,
to resolve the issues or let go ….

And then I think of all the times we smiled together –
Of all the times we held hands and took a walk –
And the answer seems clear then –
Just let things be … I know our hearts will talk!!

Woman - a mystery loved

Woman a mystery u can never decipher -

You can’t understand so u criticize her!!!

She loves u unconditionally,

But when she asks the same in return -

You ridicule brutally -

And she receives insults and scorn???

Oh man … how frail is your ego …

Why the need to explain … why not just explore –

She’s a series of moods … an exotic garland of feelings –

She’ll give u a reason for living … give life a meaning ..

Why not just let her be and not change her ways –

Why not admire her and give her some praise?

Why not trust her and know she cares –

Why not be her partner and soul mate –

Why try to be one notch ahead –

Why not just be tied in her beautiful threads!!!

We’re two parts of the same little puzzle –

A woman and a man …. The union so subtle –

You the strength … she the support –

A sparkling chain of feelings binds both!!!

We’re powerful together but why can’t we ever see ….

The shared dreams of togetherness and beauty!!

Lost in each other we can find the world –

Why not let ourselves free and enjoy eternity!!

Hold my hand – walk by my side –

Not a step ahead … not a step behind –

Lets walk life’s road leaning on one another –

Lets break the society’s shackles and walk into forever!

The tears I cry … and the hurt that u feel …

The truth that I search … the burdens u bear …

Our lives a rhythm on destiny’s wheel –

Your trust and faith in me clinches the deal!!

I will give u my all today and tomorrow –

I will walk miles with you in your sorrow –

Celebrate you joys and be happy for you –

I’ll be there forever with my love so true -

But you have to promise me this in return –

You will not think me less or my feelings spurn

I am your equal … your other half .. god made me so –

Open your heart and love me … you want to .. you know !!!


Far away a glimmer of light -
Makes me walk another mile ...
The path is rough ... an inky blackness ....
A piece of rainbow .... a promise of bliss!!!
A shiny moment beckons further ...
Darker clouds begin to gather -
The soul is tired of empty platitudes ...
Lips move but I haven't got a clue.
Feels like nothing ever was true!!!
Lost and wary in the sands and dunes -
Far away a glimmer of light -
Pushes again to end the plight -
No one close - no one hears -
No one it seems to answer prayers!
Endless road no one in sight -
All I follow - that glimmer of light!
A flickering flame in the distant horizon ..
I rise from the dust - let go of the past!
Feel the soul empty all the poison ....
Break the shackles .... moving quickly ... moving fast ...
Chains still hold me .... binding me tight ....
What makes me wade ? That glimmer of light!!!
The glimmer is what inspires to break the chains and rope ....
The piece of rainbow, the flickering flame , the glimmer of light ... is eternal hope!!