Saturday, 3 May 2008

Spring Inside

Wreathed in smile, I wait for you!

Adorned in a look my feelings true!

Beautified in an expression –

My undying love shines through!

The first dew drop that falls from the skies,

Touches the petals so softly … oh so slight!

The delicate and whispery caress –

The memory of the dreams in your eyes!

The stars sparkling, shining and glowing,

How well they reflect my longing!

The night so soft, gentle and balmy,

Your warmth and love ensconce me!

I see you … I see me …

I see us and eternity!

Let darkness come with the night –

There is everlasting spring - inside!

1 comment:

Shal said...

ahhhhhh , this was totallyyyyyyyy mesmerzing

i feel fresh inside now :)