Friday, 23 May 2008

In Your Sleep ....

In your sleep –

Do you think of us?

Of our unending desires,

Often budding happiness,

Of our unrestricted trust!

In your dreams –

Do you still turn to me?

Knowing that in all miseries –

One hand shall,

Always, extended be!

My heart all yours,

Till the time should freeze!

In your reality –

Do you and I exist?

Or is ‘we’ the only entity?

The eternity for which we wished –

The I, I see in you; the you, you see in me!

For me, my reality has changed,

To a true life, in a beautiful dream,

And I wish I have on my face –

Your wonderful smile,

Tonight, when I go to sleep!

1 comment:

kamna said...

omg! you gave me dreams di..
smiles n sweet sleep ..n smile while sleep(lol)..
dis is wt i wnt n pray for him too.