Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Can I be ....

You see, I want to be,

The pretty flower that dances in the breeze –

That catches your eye and makes you smile,

When the day is dark; the walk, long and wearying!

The smile that is alive … without guile!

The bright and shiny ray of the sun,

That touches you and warms you!

When you’re feeling chilled and cold –

Surrounds you and in a hug enfolds!

The sparkling and the glittering star,

That twinkles and winks from the sky,

Inspiring, even in the deepest darkest night –

There is a light at the end … even though a little far!

The naughty breeze that ruffles your hair,

Teasing you, playing and enjoying with you,

The lighter times, the softer hues!

Relaxing and restful – free from the day’s cares!!

The rain drops that tenderly wash your face,

Wash away the pains, toil and strain!

The soft and gentle snowflakes –

That impress, with pristine beauty attained!

The breathtaking and beautiful view,

The rosy pink and misty dawn –

That brings a promise of a beautiful morn!

The feeling of awe and splendour imbue!

I want to be all that and more for you,

To show – how in your love, I grew -

I wonder if I will ever be able to return-

A wee bit portion of what I have received from you!


P said...

Am so honored to leave my comment here. The first. Wonderful piece from you Sonal. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sashu said...

beautiful!!!!!! de images ya create jz capture de senses! beautiful!!!!! loved it!!!!

Vineeta said...

Very nice indeed! I think my favourite image for you to be is the sparkling and glittering star twinkling and winking ;-) Love you

Shal said...

this poem was magical
made my day !! :):):)