Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Neend kaisi? / Ah! Sleep?

Meri meethi baatein tujhe sone dengi nahin
Baaton mein aake neend kaisi -

Rangeen sitare tumko aur jaga denge
Sitaron ko dekhte neend kaisi -

Main paas baithi to meri khushboo hosh udaegi
Hosh khoke neend kaisi -

Sapne khuli aankhon se dekho
Sapnon ke liye neend kaisi-

Kavita khud banjayegi humse
Kavita ke liye neend kaisi-

Phoolon ki kahani baagon mein hogi
Baagone mein jaake neend kaisi-

Pyar ka tarana hum dono ka hoga
Hum dono ke beech mein neend kaisi -

Tum aur main aur tanhai -
Itne shor mein neend kaisi :)

The best gift one could ever receive .... a version offered by a very special friend!! This is the best compliment that anyone could have given .... am humbled!!!

Ah! Sleep?

My sweet nothings shall not let you sleep-
Sweetly smothered by them, shall you sleep?

The sight of bright stars shall keep you awake
Looking upon them, how can you sleep?

Sitting close to me, my fragrance shall fill your senses;
Losing your sense, how shall you sleep!

Dream on, eyes, wide open-
For then, why sleep, to dream?

When we become, in our togetherness, sheer poetry
Shall we sleep, for creating poetry?

Flowers whisper their lore enticingly in gardens-
Sleep shall not be found in gardens too!

When we become the rhythm and music of love
Where shall sleep then find a place, between us?

You and I in sheer isolation-
Sleep? In this pandemonium of beautiful silence?

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Vineeta said...

I love the English version. Is that the original or the translation?