Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It feels -

It feels so very nice to know,
That a person can love you so!
It feels like the sun there in the sky,
Will never ever let u bow ur head and cry!
And each and every pearl that u ever drop,
Made him more determined to make it stop.

That the moon sailing in the velvet sea-

Brings to you his each and every plea !
It gives a special glow that surrounds ...
That someone waits for ur every sound.

Your smile, your sigh,your heartbeat, your glance ....

Are enough to put him in a trance!
It brings a silver lining to every day-
That someone adores ur every way.

Its a really humbling experience to feel,

That some one - for u bows down and kneels,
To pray that u get all life's happiness,
Makes u feel like a total princess!

Feeling loved is a wonderful feeling!

It almost always leaves u reeling!

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