Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Personal Wasteland That Was

A personal wasteland!! Once upon a time ,

Was this beating heart of mine –

A black, unseeing, isolated, barren place,

Just shadows; of illumination, no trace!!

You walked into my life – amazing brilliance,

Though no starburst, no fire crackers, no silver dust!

You entered into my heart,

Asking for nothing – just complete trust!

Memories float around,

Smiles – in the love, new found!!

The shiny place where the hearts visit –

Became our common visiting ground!

My hand in yours,

My fate to yours joined!

My life now yours to call,

Your love to cushion my every fall!

The lush green of emotions that you see,

The total filling of that terrible void -

Its you who filled sparkle in my gloomy world!!

Turning blunt metal to solid gold!!

The Midas touch …. The magic of the clover leaf –

My grief, darkness removed, you’re the sun,

The moon in the darkest night – you’re the one!

The heart, resplendent, filled with love, all unplanned!

Thanks for bringing life to my personal wasteland!!!


P said...

Mushy goo here. Nice tho.

Vineeta said...


maneck said...

This one is good...MIDAS Touch