Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Far away a glimmer of light -
Makes me walk another mile ...
The path is rough ... an inky blackness ....
A piece of rainbow .... a promise of bliss!!!
A shiny moment beckons further ...
Darker clouds begin to gather -
The soul is tired of empty platitudes ...
Lips move but I haven't got a clue.
Feels like nothing ever was true!!!
Lost and wary in the sands and dunes -
Far away a glimmer of light -
Pushes again to end the plight -
No one close - no one hears -
No one it seems to answer prayers!
Endless road no one in sight -
All I follow - that glimmer of light!
A flickering flame in the distant horizon ..
I rise from the dust - let go of the past!
Feel the soul empty all the poison ....
Break the shackles .... moving quickly ... moving fast ...
Chains still hold me .... binding me tight ....
What makes me wade ? That glimmer of light!!!
The glimmer is what inspires to break the chains and rope ....
The piece of rainbow, the flickering flame , the glimmer of light ... is eternal hope!!

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