Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My heart's desire

Can you set afire my heart’s desires?
Can you see all those dreams for which it aspires?
Do you think its important that I don’t see things through logic?
My heart’s desires are natural – spontaneous and almost always frolics!

Do you think its stupid to feel things so intensely?
My heart’s desires, I know, always want things completely!
Do you think I’m being demanding, selfish and self-centred?
If my heart desires equal returns from any relations I entered?

Do you think its madness and absolute insanity?
To try and lose my grip on painful reality?
Do you think its idiotic, crazy and nonsensical,
To wish that life be merry, joyful, happy and musical!!

Do you think its fantastical, hopeless and impossible,
To wish for my life’s one and only dream to be plausible?
Do you think its really absurd, wishful and foolish of me,
To refuse to acknowledge things that my heart doesn’t want to see?

Do you think I put the blame on others?
When I try to explain away something that bothers?
Do you really wish me gone and vanished?
Maybe I’ve suffocated you with affection I lavished!

Do you want me to stop giving all the attention?
Maybe I’m getting to be your life’s major tension!
Do you think you could save me from myself?
Even though I’m too proud to ask for help?

Do you think you could pull me closer to you?
Because my withdrawal is making life miserable and blue!
Do you think I’m being a cling on and a burden?
If so I’ll go and not let your miseries lengthen!

Do you think you could talk to me once again?
And please can it be done without constraints and refrain?
Do you think you could kiss me and hold me?
Or if I repulse you, wouldn’t it be better if you told me?

Do you think my demands are not wanted or appreciated?
Maybe answers for my queries have not yet been created?
Do you think you could answer all these questions?
I know it will require a lot of time and patience …
But could do me this last little favour …..
(And I hope this relation doesn’t leave a bitter flavour)
I’ve lost my smile – could you get it back for me?
Because its said - it was with you it was last seen!!!

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