Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Immortal Ocean

Life ... so like a river - it begins with gurgles and delight
Moves along growing, changing and collecting -
Some memories .... some people ... on its onward plight ...
Some lives ... some dreams ..... with its flow effecting!!!

On and on it flows – the river, rumbling and splashing,
Along the path it collects debris … some weeds …
We collect memories and ….. some greeds.
Some times its serene sometimes troubled waters show,
So akin to life is the continuous and senseless flow.

At times a waterfall … it falls but doesn’t break –
Those risks and chances are what we take ….
We can’t break … we have to go on … –
We learn from our mistakes …
As to the ocean we make our way!!

Finally the river meets the ocean …
The journey over - the final destination!!
Our soul reaches its ocean .. Our life a mere token –
So many souls in his keeping …..
He keeps us safe …. Our immortal ocean!!

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