Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My Treasure -

A knowing smile is reflected in my eyes,

I’m thinking of you and all our times,

The beauty of those times is a joy forever –

A pleasure, a gift, a blessing and a treasure!!

With you I dance this ethereal dance,

With you my heart leaps and prances,

I live each day for that one single glance –

I soak all your smallest nuances!!!

My being so full of your love and you –

My soul brimming and overflowing –

We didn’t realise ….. did we?

How our love abound and grew!!

Of azure blue skies and shiny stars –

Of exchanging secrets, those endless hours,

Of twinkling eyes and holding hands,

Of love’s interwoven gold and silver strands!!

For all the things you gave to me,

For all the dreams that you helped me achieve!

For all the times you’ve stood besides,

For all the love and all the pride,

Thank you for always being there to guide!!

How is it that I forget to tell you everyday

How much I love you and how much you mean –

So let me make amends today and come clean –

Let me tell you that I am alive because of your smiling ways –

And you are what I need till the end of my days!

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