Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Visited Grounds

You know we’ve been here before –
You and I - in such a time … in this place …
Me – trying to make you focus on what I say –
But you just turn away your face!!!

No, ofcourse not ! Not for a minute do I doubt your love –
I know you love me endlessly …
Why else would I be here today ….
With promises of forever and eternity!!!

But now and again we visit this place –
Where I need to know –
And you – You blank out without a trace …
And I can't ever make up my mind,
to resolve the issues or let go ….

And then I think of all the times we smiled together –
Of all the times we held hands and took a walk –
And the answer seems clear then –
Just let things be … I know our hearts will talk!!

1 comment:

Vineeta said...

Brilliant! Really!!