Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The woman in the mirror

The morning dull - the sky is grey,

A beginning to another withered day!!!

I see a woman in the mirror -

Do i know her ... i do recognize her!

She used to be happy and full of cheer,

Now the lips droop and eyes are full of despair!

Who is it .... do i know you?

I'm scared the answer is going to be yes ....

Afraid and scared to accept the truth -

To see and believe what is left of me - a waste!!

Who stands there in the battered frame?

I answer to ther very same name ...

How have i managed to do this?

I'm breathing but i do not live!!

When did it happen .... when did the burdens get so heavy?

When did i turn into this woman so dreary?

Where is the sparkle ... the twinkle ... the shine ...

When was the laughter and joy replaced by this monotonous whine?

Where i wonder is the will to live ....

I know i still have a lot to give!!

Who has done this to me -

Why do i feel tired and old?

It must have been me , if truth be told ...

No one has the power to torture another soul!!

I will find the courage to be -

I will turn into 'me' again -

All lives deal with misery here -

Why should I be the only one to complain!!

I will stand up - live and smile again -

The sun has just risen - its a bright and sunny day!!!

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Vineeta said...

Amen to that!!