Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Pain unchecked, unsoothed, unabated,
In each person's life so clearly stated.
Unending, continuous, everflowing and large,
It never ever knocks, it always does barge!
Desperate measures to curb it...in vain...
Life's inseparable partner...definitely pain!
Creation's counterpart destruction is pain...
Anything hurts the eyes they rain .
Our hearts are crazy. . . the emotions they trouble...
Reduce our imaginary castles to rubble!
We think .. we imagine .. we desire .. we dream...
We lose .. we deny .. we cry and we scream!
We try to hide from the dragons before us,
We wish for the fog of ignorance to cocoon us.
And despite all warnings . . . despite all constraints...
Our heart accepts only the picture that itself paints!

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