Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Nothing to prove

Have you ever tried to hide ….
What exists there – deep inside?
The pain, the insecurities, the feelings, the terror,
Hold you, torture you and chain you forever!

Its like someone is holding you against your will,
You want to let your feelings show …. yet …. but … still!!!
You cant do it – what will the others think?
That maybe, they’ll just let u go – and gone is the link!!!

You want so desperately for them to understand you …
But when it comes to that, they don’t share your point of view!
Again you try to hide in your shell,
Forget and leave behind what you did tell.

You build a wall around so that people don’t hurt you.
Or is it because you want to stop feelings that are true?
If you don’t feel how will it hurt?
And you’ll be what – a free bird???

Your friends watch you and they say you’re changing,
But how can you help it, they don’t know what you’re feeling!!!
Maybe its because you haven’t told them what you want them to know,
Maybe its because you think your dependence on them will grow?

Maybe you think they just don’t give a damn …
Maybe you think its one big beautiful sham ….
Then you see everything you thought was yours, slipping from your hands,
Its going to be over – no asking – no begging – no taking – no demands!!

Your perfect world all upside down – all around you in shambles,
You try to remake it, thinking its one of life’s gambles …
Its all slipping away …. Too late …. Too soon?
Was it wishful thinking …. A trip to the moon????

Smiles gone, replaced by tears, happiness now replaced by fears,
A relation replaced by broken hearts, something gone – that was built in years!!!
You think again – is the dream worth giving a try again?
Whether it deserves going through the tears and pain?

But you know love is a fool and you’ll again take the chance,
You know you’ll ignore logic and enter the ethereal trance ,,,
Yes, the dream is definitely worth giving a try again,
Because in the end its your heart that counts, not your brain.

Your heart is going to help you survive – fair or unruly weather,
And love will sustain you – be it from a friend, family or lover!
Ultimately when you look at it – love is most important to you –
Its just a feeling that surrounds – you have nothing to prove!

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