Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Woman - a mystery loved

Woman a mystery u can never decipher -

You can’t understand so u criticize her!!!

She loves u unconditionally,

But when she asks the same in return -

You ridicule brutally -

And she receives insults and scorn???

Oh man … how frail is your ego …

Why the need to explain … why not just explore –

She’s a series of moods … an exotic garland of feelings –

She’ll give u a reason for living … give life a meaning ..

Why not just let her be and not change her ways –

Why not admire her and give her some praise?

Why not trust her and know she cares –

Why not be her partner and soul mate –

Why try to be one notch ahead –

Why not just be tied in her beautiful threads!!!

We’re two parts of the same little puzzle –

A woman and a man …. The union so subtle –

You the strength … she the support –

A sparkling chain of feelings binds both!!!

We’re powerful together but why can’t we ever see ….

The shared dreams of togetherness and beauty!!

Lost in each other we can find the world –

Why not let ourselves free and enjoy eternity!!

Hold my hand – walk by my side –

Not a step ahead … not a step behind –

Lets walk life’s road leaning on one another –

Lets break the society’s shackles and walk into forever!

The tears I cry … and the hurt that u feel …

The truth that I search … the burdens u bear …

Our lives a rhythm on destiny’s wheel –

Your trust and faith in me clinches the deal!!

I will give u my all today and tomorrow –

I will walk miles with you in your sorrow –

Celebrate you joys and be happy for you –

I’ll be there forever with my love so true -

But you have to promise me this in return –

You will not think me less or my feelings spurn

I am your equal … your other half .. god made me so –

Open your heart and love me … you want to .. you know !!!

1 comment:

Vineeta said...

walk by my side – Not a step ahead … not a step behind : Love that.