Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm falling .....

Falling into you –

Unendingly, completely, irrevocably!

All my senses alive with sensations,

So totally into you, immersed deeply!

Everything is the same,

Only I seem to have changed!

The picture in life’s frame –

Me from myself estranged!

Life so unalterably different –

And why, pray tell, would I want,

To let the past return and haunt!

The feeling divine –

And me so reverent!

So enticing, so magical, so enthralling -

This delicate crystalline web,

With twinkling stars adorning!

What a pleasure and utterly a blessing;

That I have you with me every step!

The brilliant sun seems to be,

Shining brightly just for me!

The sparkling moon, the shimmery waters;

Your dancing eyes and my heart is captured!

The whole universe together tells me –

You’re the one!

You’ve entered into my world, so boldly;

And today –

Life has begun!


Shal said...

thank u for this magical poem :)

kamna said...

yesssssssssssss di..
life has justttt begun..
soooooo sweet a narration..bful

Usha Pisharody said...

Lovely, as always...:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful poetry sonal.I am a first time visitor here and can tell you -I am totally hooked!I am blogrolling you-:)

YatindeRsharma said...

U should just get them published