Friday, 13 March 2009

I see differences, distance - cracks … shards -

I see shadows of broken hearts!

The wintry icy silence settling in –

Frozen, glassy, cold and shivering –

Feelings in pieces, and we pull apart!

I stumble ! What was it that broke my run

Wonder if I dare to see ….

Dreading the sight of what it could be;

I look down and find all the promises undone by me!

Feeling guilty and remorseful …. And so I burn!

I want to reach out and pull you close,

But why don’t I see my arms move?

My heart knows there is something to prove!

I cry inside but my eyes are frozen cold!

Hoping tears melt this ice and forgive things told!

I turn, I see you, still standing there –

I know you’re strong, mine, but so far away!

Did I bring to ‘Us’, so much distrust and fear?

I see your eyes – tortured, sorrowful, yet clear –

And my eyes let go, of what it held tight, a lone tear!

Your promises and words come to me –

I run back to you …. How can I leave?

I hesitantly touch your hand –

And there in your response, lives my dream!

In your eyes with pain, everlasting love is what I see!

In life and death we will part, and future births we cannot perceive,

But here and now I promise love and trust, and they shall last till eternity!

Every time those icy winters descend on us and make us bleed,

Your strength and support are my anchor, your touch my one reality -

I have full faith in your love and the healing magic it can weave!

Special thanks to Abhishek Dixit, who very kindly let me use this beautiful snap for the poem! Thanks, Abhishek! :)


Usha Pisharody said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful....

Haunting, evocative, descriptive, and so very tangible...

Esp the part where you write about how you stumble, and look down to find those promises... It cannot get more tangible than that!

The picture is so very very apt too!

Glad, so very very very glad to see the dancing flower come alive again :) :)

Sashu... said...

lovely lovely!! tender and yet powerful :) i loved diz sonal :)

!nversed Poignancy! said...

Ah, this one is so lively..Loved the way you've gone about knitting this..
Lovely write ma'am..:)

Merin Jose said...

Beautifully portrayed...emotionaly powerful..the happy n optimistic note at the end ws too gud..enjoyd reading....!!

P said...

Beautiful.. Sonal. just noticed this..

Krishanu said...

Brilliant... you have pondered a lot on it.

Yatinder said...

Reading ur lines one by one , we don't know each other but u put great depth in ur words , heart touching beautifully written